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Our Focus.

In addition to the classic distribution process, immonow offers numerous upstream and downstream as well as parallel services and features of the value chain. Therefore we have the possibility to support project developers, real estate agents as well as property managers.

Real Estate Agents

With immonow the time of the exhausting everyday life of real estate agents is over. Now you can benefit from the latest distribution possibilities with automatically generated object and project websites, exposé templates, live statistics, task management and activity tracking – all directly in the software. Immonow has been designed by experienced specialists and is therefore exactly tailored to your needs. Save time by simplifying the creation of all property types and efficiently dealing with prospective buyers, search customers or enquiries – with us you can finally concentrate on the important day-to-day business. Operate your sellers and clients uncomplicatedly and quickly at the click of a mouse.
Your website reflects your corporate design, the exposé editor offers numerous variations and auto sending options, while your extensive statistics, activity logs and a digital customer information center serve for maximum service and customer satisfaction. You reduce administration and save time.

Property Developer

Immonow enables you, as a project developer, the efficient and uncomplicated distribution of your real estate. From the first moment of planning, the construction plans can be integrated into the software using BIM and displayed multidimensionally. In addition, customers and interested parties can get a digital picture of the project via Virtual Reality even before it is completed. The innovative and smart object group management enables a quick creation of any number of units and ensures a transparent and structured view of the entire project both for customers and internally. The realisation of the whole process is supported by the software in cooperation with our partners.
The self-generated project websites can be integrated at will or shared in social networks and are of course search engine optimized.

Property Developer

Immonow offers a unique, modern solution to manage your real estate efficiently and processoriented. With immonow, property managers have the perfect interface between the management of real estate and the mediation of potential tenants. Notifications and reminders offer the possibility to manage lease contracts and their time limits clearly. The matching tool sorts prospective customers according to desired requirements. This saves appointments and answering irrelevant questions. With immonow, customer communication is integrated and uncomplicated. Making appointments is simple and intuitive. By the illustration of the entire history of the objects the user receives a transparent management – so Excel lists belong to the past.


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